A couple of months ago, Motrin, US analgesic company promoted their #painisprogress campaign to promote their drug to sufferers of endometriosis. I first saw a mention of this campaign in the Facebook group Endometropolis – people were clearly not happy. I decided to head to the Motrin Facebook page to check out the Motrin endometriosis campaign for myself.

Motrin Endometriosis Campaign

Pain Is Progress – WTF?!?

For starters – what a #hashtag. #PainIsProgress? Wtf?!?! Pain stops me from having a social life. Pain stops me from going to work. Endo pain means that I am doubled up and have to put my life on hold. It has had an impact on my finances, my relationship and my career (I actually had to retire on medical grounds from teaching). So no, Motrin, pain is not progress. Pain is debilitating. Get it right.

What Motrin probably don’t realise is that Motrin won’t even touch severe endometriosis pain. The only thing that touches mine is morphine.

Motrin’s Less than Tactful approach to Infertility

Then there’s the fertility issue. The lady in the Motrin ad found happiness when she adopted. My first problem with the way that this came across was that adoption was depicted as a solution to all problems. Yet adoption is not the same as having your own. Secondly, if you are suffering from debilitating stage 4 endo, there is no way that you would even be well enough to adopt and look after a child. It’s almost impossible to look after yourself.

Read more about why women were unhappy with this campaign on www.themighty.com.

My Response to the Motrin Endometriosis Campaign

A week ago, I wrote my comment on their Facebook page. ‘No Motrin, pain is not progress. Pain is debilitating and ruins lives. And adoption is not the same as having your own children.’

Today, I went to go onto the post to see if other #endosisters had commented and guess what? Motrin took it down. They have removed the ad from their Facebook page and YouTube. Rightly so, I just wish that they could have got it right.

The Problem with Pharmaceuticals and Endometriosis

My concern is that an increasing number of businesses and pharmacists are trying to profit from sales of pain relief for endometriosis. Whilst pain relief is needed to get through it in the short term, all pain relief and hormones do is mask the problem. What women with severe endo really need is surgical excision by an endometriosis specialist.

My Endometriosis Excision is Scheduled!

I’m scheduled in for excision surgery with Ediosage in Manchester. Provided that all goes to plan and I’m on the mend, I may feel ready to share this experience on my blog.

You can read about my first laparoscopy here.

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